LuxBiz Email Service (Protected)
  • Product 1

    1xLE20 - LuxBiz Email Service - 1x 20GB Email

    • 1x 20GB Email
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  • Product 2

    2xLE20 - LuxBiz Email Service - 2x 20GB Email

    • 2x 20GB Email
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  • Product 3

    3xLE20 - LuxBiz Email Service - 3x 20GB Email

    • 3x 20GB Email
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  • Product 4

    4xLE20 - LuxBiz Email Service - 4x 20GB Email

    • 4x 20GB Email
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Included With Every Plan
  • Anti-Virus protection for Emails
  • Anti-Spam protection for Emails
  • Easy-to-access custom spam list from within the WebMail interface
  • User can customise black-list and white-list through WebMail interface
  • Shared Address book function (company directory)
  • Shared Calendar function
  • Dedicated Mail Management Control Panel
  • Dedicated WebMail access
  • Dedicated POP3 Mail Access
  • Dedicated IMAP Mail Access
  • Dedicated SMTP Server for outgoing mails
  • Unlimited Email aliases (e.g.
  • Email Vacation setup
  • (prices listed is monthly equivalent)